The Special FX of JAWS!

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The Special FX of JAWS!

 The special effects in the movie "Jaws" were primarily achieved through the use of mechanical sharks designed by special effects artist Bob Mattey. Three different mechanical sharks were built for the film, each with a different purpose.

The "Bruce" shark, named after director Steven Spielberg's lawyer, was the largest of the three and was used for the close-up shots of the shark's head and jaws. It was operated by a team of 14 puppeteers and could move its jaws, eyes, and tail. The other two sharks were used for shots where the entire body of the shark was needed.

In addition to the mechanical sharks, other techniques were used to create the illusion of the shark's presence in the water. For example, a camera was mounted on a platform that was lowered into the water to give the audience a shark's-eye view of the action. Special sound effects were also created to enhance the tension and suspense of the film.

The production faced numerous challenges during filming, including difficulties with the mechanical sharks and bad weather, but ultimately the special effects and other technical elements helped create a sense of terror and excitement that made "Jaws" a classic in the world of cinema.

one of the mechanical sharks used during the filming of "Jaws" did break down, causing delays in the production and forcing the filmmakers to improvise. The "Bruce" shark, the largest of the three mechanical sharks, had a number of technical problems throughout filming, including leaks, malfunctions, and difficulties with its hydraulic system.

During the scene where the shark attacks the boat and barrels are attached to it, the mechanical shark malfunctioned and sank to the bottom of the ocean. This forced the filmmakers to come up with alternative ways to create the illusion of the shark attacking the boat, such as using real footage of a great white shark and shooting from the perspective of the people on the boat.

Despite these challenges, the filmmakers were able to work around the difficulties with the mechanical sharks and create a film that has become a classic of the horror genre.

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