The Love Boat - A few things that I didn't remember

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The Love Boat - A few things that I didn't remember

Even though the show lasted 9 seasons, Critics hated it. The New York Times called it ‘’dreadful porridge,’’ while The Washington Post declared that ‘’shows like Love Boat pull the median level of mediocrity down to unfathomable lows.’’ Producers had trouble getting good writers to work on the show; no one wanted to be associated with it.

They could get almost anyone they wanted. More than 1,000 guest stars boarded The Love Boat, from future A-listers (Tom Hanks, Billy Crystal) to film legends (Ginger Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) to athletes and artists (Reggie Jackson, Andy Warhol).The day after Vanessa Williams won the Miss America pageant, TLB had her booked to play Isaac’s love interest.

Except Ronald Reagan. He was governor of California at the time, running for President. His people told The Love Boat, ‘’There’s just no way Governor Reagan is doing this.’’ Then they asked for Nancy instead, and were laughed at.

A few things I did not remember about The Love Boat

1. Dick Van Patten ("Eight Is Enough") was the first ship’s doctor. He played the role in the first TLB that ever aired, a two-hour movie in 1976

2. Dionne Warwick performed the theme song from 1985-1986.

3. Captain Stubbing finally got married to Marion Ross from Happy Days on the final episode.

4. Six members of Gilligan’s Island were featured on the show. Everyone except the Professor.

5. Vincent Price guest starred as a magician named the Amazing Alonzo.

6. In the first episode of th first season Captain Stubbing’s ex-wife sails with the crew. I always wondered who was Vicki’s mother.