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If Ash Williams, the protagonist from the "Evil Dead" franchise, was Pikachu's master instead of Ash Ketchum, the story of Pokémon would take on a vastly different tone and atmosphere.

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"Saturday Mornings Cartoons" caught on in the mid-1960s, when the networks realized that they could concentrate kids' viewing on that one morning to appeal to advertisers. Most notably, children's toys and products like breakfast cereals. When I think back to my pop culture childhood, one of my greatest memories was Saturday Morning Cartoons. This was when all of the cartoons would be broadcast and it was important to know what channel and what time each program came on. We didn't have the VHS recorder (the what?), a DVR, On Demand or any modern day recording device. This was live TV and...

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Many of us that grew up in the 70's and 80's probably do not watch cartoons now a days but I bet you get this rush of excitement when you see a cartoon back from your childhood. Maybe because we, as kids, were more limited on our cartoon viewing than kids today. We had to wait until Saturday Morning to watch our favorite cartoons.  I feel that we had to, in a sense, work for the priviledge of watching our cartoons. We had to make sure our homework and chores were done before the cartoons started or you were not...

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