Eric Stoltz and Back to the Future

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Eric Stoltz and Back to the Future

Eric Stoltz was originally cast as the lead character, Marty McFly, in Back to the Future. However, after filming for several weeks, the filmmakers realized that Stoltz was not quite right for the part, and they decided to recast the role with Michael J. Fox.

Although Stoltz was replaced, he did complete a significant amount of filming for the movie. Some of the scenes he shot even made it into the final cut of the film, such as the scenes where Marty is wearing a radiation suit and skateboarding through Hill Valley.

Over the years, there have been some interviews with Stoltz about his experience working on Back to the Future, including his thoughts on being replaced and how he feels about the movie's enduring popularity.

 In a 2015 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Eric Stoltz was asked about his experience being replaced in Back to the Future. Stoltz said that while he was disappointed at the time, he understood the decision and had no ill will towards the filmmakers or Michael J. Fox, who ultimately took over the role of Marty McFly.

Stoltz also spoke about the challenges of working on the film, which involved a lot of physical stunts and required him to wear uncomfortable prosthetics for the scenes where Marty's face is injured. Despite the difficulties, Stoltz said that he enjoyed working on the film and was proud of the work he did.

Overall, Stoltz seems to have a positive attitude towards his experience on Back to the Future, even though it didn't turn out the way he had hoped.

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